31 sierpnia 2011

there ain't no reason for you to declare war on the one who loves you so

The weapons you're using are hurting me bad.
But someday you're going to retreat.
Cause my love baby is the truest you've ever had.
A soldier of love that's hard to beat.
* * *
* * *
Thank you Maiken for giving us the blog award.♥

* Say thank you with a linking post;
* Write 7 things about yourself;

* Give the award to 15 other blogs;

* Inform them about it.

1) We love baking muffins together - and of course we LOVE eating them ;>. 
 2) We both love photography, we hardly ever go somewhere without a camera.
 3) Dorothy is addicted to volleyball... She is extremely good at it :).
4) High heels? Perfect! ♥
5) We are looking for a handsome fairytale prince (it would be the best if he looks as Jared and has a twin brother ;D).
6) We were both born in November ;D.
7) It's impossible to get bored when we are together ;> !
And there is a list of blogs we want to give an award :) [sorry, I had to choose 20 ;p]

* * *

30 sierpnia 2011

she took my heart, i think she took my soul

You shimmy-shook my boat
Leaving me stranded all in love on my own
Do you think of me
Where am I now
Baby where do I sleep
Feels so good but I'm old
2000 years of chasing taking its toll

 * * *